RiverFront Leadership Team

We are pleased to announce several changes to our operating and organizational structure designed to accelerate RiverFront’s growth and recognize the growing contributions our associates are making to RiverFront’s future.

We have formed a new RiverFront Leadership Team which will be charged with leading our core Advantage and Custom Portfolio Solutions (CPS) businesses as well as advising on our RiverShares, GAMMA, and ETF Action businesses. This group will be comprised of

Chris Konstantinos has been named Managing Partner of this group and will serve as their Chair. He will also soon be added to RiverFront’s Board of Directors.

This Team will take the place of both our Executive Committee and Operating Committee and will have the authority and responsibility to prioritize the execution of our current investment, sales, operations, and administrative functions. All members of this Team will continue in their portfolio management and operating roles. There are no changes to our investment processes and disciplines.

We are also announcing several changes to our organizational structure:

Doug Sandler will be moving to the role of Vice-Chairman. Doug is one of the four Founding Partners of RiverFront and will continue to play a critical role at the Firm. As Vice-Chairman, he will focus on his two passions: working directly with our financial advisor partners and creating investment-related content.

Brad Wear and Emily Krause will now report to Chris Konstantinos in a combined Investment and Global Strategy Group.

Bobby Brooks, President of our RiverShares Division will now report to Bart Farinholt, Director of Corporate Strategy. Brian Gaertner will continue to lead our National Accounts efforts and report to Bart. Additionally, Brian will be supporting RiverFront’s interest in GAMMA Investing, a direct indexing firm, as they continue to develop relationships within Baird.

Rod Smyth will continue to serve as Chairman of our Board of Directors and Pete Quinn will continue as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Since the Founding of RiverFront, we have attracted a deep, capable group of dedicated Associates. We believe this new structure will allow this leadership team to take their skills to the next level and to empower another generation to grow and develop their own leadership capabilities. We couldn’t be more excited about the future of RiverFront.