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RiverFront currently offers model investment portfolios, including Fixed Income, Balanced, and Equity solutions for a range of investment objectives, risk tolerances, and investment themes. These portfolios are accessed through wrap fee programs at various sponsor firms or through model delivery programs ("MDPs"). RiverFront also serves as sub-adviser to certain exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) and mutual funds (“Mutual Funds”).

Process over Prediction:
Our investment philosophy is rooted in the following beliefs:

  • “Price Matters®”- We have a view of relative value of asset classes, countries, sectors, and individual securities.
  • “People Matter”- We believe in the wisdom and experience of our portfolio managers.
  • “Information Matters”- We believe in analytical support for our macro and fundamental decisions.

While we believe building prediction engines are important, we also believe building an unemotional, adaptable discipline that is consistently applied gives investors the best chance of long-term success. Our tactical and risk management disciplines have built-in flexibility, so if unforeseen events happen, our strategy adapts in real time.

The Art & Science of Dynamic Investing:
We think that exceptional investing involves both sides of the brain, the scientific AND the creative. The scientific part of our process involves the careful and rigorous quantitative study of large quantities of historical data, looking for repeatable patterns. This scientific starting point helps us understand the odds, stay intellectually honest, and not be unduly swayed by emotion.

We believe there is a great deal of ‘art’ in how our team uses our collective experience, intuition and creativity to interpret that data and make decisions. We believe it’s an ‘and’ world, and that quantitative and qualitative analysis is most powerful when married together.

All investments in securities, including the strategies and methodologies discussed above and below, include a risk of loss of principal (invested amount) and any profits that have not been realized. Markets fluctuate substantially over time, and have experienced increased volatility in recent years due to global and domestic economic events. Performance of any investment is not guaranteed.

Outcome Based Solutions

RiverFront constructs and manages investment solutions with the objective of seeking to meet investor goals and desired outcomes.


Advantage/ETF Advantage Model Portfolios

RiverFront's distinctive global investment strategies include our Advantage and ETF Advantage Model Portfolio products. These are asset allocation portfolios designed to meet a broad range of investor needs, return objectives, and risk tolerance levels. They are built with a combination of stocks, bonds, and/or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

RiverShares™ Model Portfolios

RiverShares™ Model Portfolios are portfolios that invest in a combination of RiverFront sub-advised exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and 3rd party ETFs. RiverFront does not charge an account level fee for its management of RiverShares portfolios . The model portfolios are managed using RiverFront asset allocation, security selection, and risk management process. These models are constructed based on a variety of mandates ranging from risk tolerance, time horizon, and desired investor outcomes.

Mutual Funds

RiverFront has partnered with ALPS Advisors, Inc., to offer the RiverFront Asset Allocation Growth and Income Fund. The prospectus, performance, marketing materials, and other details about the fund, may be found at

Sub-Advised ETFs

RiverFront sub-advises actively managed fixed income and equity ETFs through partnerships with ALPS and First Trust. The ETFs provide investors access to RiverFront's security selection within an individual asset class and are designed to remain fully invested. The ETFs can be used as stand-alone products or in combination with other RiverFront ETFs or with ETFs from third-party providers.

Custom Portfolio Solutions (CPS)

Through RiverFront’s Custom Portfolio Solutions, advisors can access Custom Advantage – custom implementation of RiverFront strategies tailored to individual investor needs. Custom Advantage may be a fit when high net worth investors have a unique investment need that requires specialized active asset management.

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