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Goal = Spend
Outcome = Income

In a world where most people do not enjoy the benefit of a guaranteed pension, retirement becomes a personal responsibility. The goal for investors is to maintain their standard of living in retirement with the peace of mind that their money will not run out. Furthermore, we believe retirees do not want to spend their golden years worrying about the monthly fluctuations in the stock market.

While retirement is the end of the Accumulation journey, it is the beginning of a potentially long Distribute phase as life expectancy continues to increase. At RiverFront, we believe investors will need to maintain a bigger allocation to stocks in the distribution phase because the cash flow from bonds and money markets is so low. This will likely involve bigger swings in quarterly portfolio values. Our portfolios are designed to meet long-term cash flow needs based on investor risk tolerance. We think our focus on risk management, transparency, and consistent communication are critical elements in giving investors the peace of mind to stick with the plan.

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RiverFront's distinctive global investment strategies include our Advantage SMA, ETF, and Model Portfolio products. These are asset allocation portfolios designed to meet a broad range of investor needs, return objectives, and risk tolerance levels. They are built with a combination of stocks, bonds, and/or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

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Balanced Solutions

Dynamic Equity Income / DEI
Investment Objective

Seeks to balance current income for the portfolio with the desire for income to grow over time with an emphasis on equities.

Implementation: Advantage

Bonds, Stocks & ETFs

Implementation: ETF Advantage

ETFs Only


30% Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index TR

Time Horizon

7 - 10 Years

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