Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI)

People Matter, Respect Matters, Input Matters

Message from the CEO

At RiverFront, our culture informs our journey together in supporting our clients; supporting each other; and supporting the communities in which we live. It calls us all to a purpose greater than ourselves. Central to our beliefs is that we will treat each other with respect recognizing the power of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We call it J.E.D.I.

Justice means our associates behave in a way that is fair, equal, and balanced for everyone. We all long to be seen for who we are and judged by our true character. Equity demands we pursue fair treatment and a balanced playing field for everyone – offering genuine respect for all people in our intentions and all our interactions. Diversity brings wisdom and allows our decision making to be more robust by considering the different perspectives each of us brings to any situation we face together. Inclusion means striving to create a welcoming environment where we see each other as individuals, with unique gifts that together weave a tapestry that defines who we are.

Together, we have committed ourselves to continuous improvement, understanding and enlightenment. Our JEDI journey is our path to build the company of our dreams.

- Pete Quinn, President & CEO


We strive to make RiverFront a welcoming place that’s rooted in the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). We work to create a workplace environment that honors cultural differences, values diversity and inclusion of thought, and fosters belonging for all. We aim to improve the experience for people from equity-seeking backgrounds in our industry and in our communities.


JEDI is embedded in our culture and becomes a natural part of life for our associates.

Three Pillars of JEDI

Commit to and develop a RiverFront workplace culture rooted in the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion

Initiatives include associate education, training, and coaching; the Engage book club; and our Working Parents employee resource group

Create and expand a diverse pipeline for talent and ensure JEDI in career advancement

Initiatives include the RiverFront Associate Mentoring Program; our externship and internship programs; our financial literacy program; and mentorship outreach programs.

Improve the JEDI experience for people from equity-seeking backgrounds within RiverFront and the financial services industry at large

Programs include the Engage employee resource group; the Engage outreach program; externships; charitable giving and community involvement; Cristo Rey Corporate Partnership; the Working Parents employee resource group; and Associate Training.

Cristo Rey Corporate Partnership

RiverFront is a founding corporate partner with Cristo Rey Richmond High School. The school is dedicated to changing urban education in the US by combining four years of rigorous academics combined with a Corporate Work Study experience to ensure students are college and career ready. RiverFront hosts four student interns annually, providing a hands-on professional experience. Additionally. RiverFront associates support Cristo Rey as mentors, participating in a seminar style class to coach on professional skill development.

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RiverFront founded Engage in 2019 with the goal of changing and improving the experience for women in financial services. The mission of Engage is to engage women in our industry through mentorship, education, and support. Internally, RiverFront Engage supports a mentorship program, hosts an associate book club, and provides trainings and educational programming. RiverFront’s Engage initiative also recognizes the importance of instilling confidence in women as investors. Our goal is to work with advisors to provide meaningful communication strategies to ensure we are reaching women investors. We work with our advisor partners across the country to highlight how women’s natural strengths provide advantages in investing and work to increase confidence in their female clients. RiverFront has a formal externship program to increase exposure to careers in finance for young women and RiverFront associates are active in mentoring roles outside of the firm.

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