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The Accumulation phase is when an investor is working and saving for their life goals. Their goals may range from retirement, to their children’s education funding or a legacy of charitable donations. During this phase, the investor has the power of time and compound interest on their side allowing them to benefit from the growth of corporate earnings over multiple market cycles. We believe investors should focus on a consistent dollar cost average plan whereby they invest at regular intervals to smooth out their cost basis and benefit from price fluctuations. We think investors will learn to welcome market pullbacks as it provides opportunistic entry points to their investments.

RiverFront uses higher allocations to equites as compared to fixed income or cash to provide clients with a greater opportunity to grow their wealth over the long-term. We believe diversification across asset classes and regions lowers risk and provides a broader universe of opportunities.

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RiverFront's distinctive global investment strategies include our Advantage SMA, ETF, and Model Portfolio products. These are asset allocation portfolios designed to meet a broad range of investor needs, return objectives, and risk tolerance levels. They are built with a combination of stocks, bonds, and/or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

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Global Growth / GG
Investment Objective

Seeks aggressive growth of capital investment.

Implementation: Advantage

Stocks & ETFs

Implementation: ETF Advantage

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Time Horizon

10+ years

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