Global Allocation / GA

Investment Objective

Seeks to provide high long-term total return.

Implementation: Advantage

Bonds, Stocks & ETFs

Implementation: ETF Advantage

ETFs Only


80% MSCI All Country World Index NR
20% Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index TR

Time Horizon

7 - 10 Years

Balanced Solution

Portfolio Overview

Seeks to provide the potential for high long-term total returns by taking advantage of its relatively long, 7-10 year investment horizon to identify asset classes that are attractive on a long-term basis. The portfolio’s 7-10-year investment horizon typically results in an investment strategy concentrated in equity investments, including US and international equity securities (both developed and emerging market), since these investments typically provide the opportunity for long-term total returns. Equity investments will typically be supplemented by a modest allocation to fixed income investments to diversify some of the portfolio’s equity investment risks. The portfolio is constructed by our asset allocation, security selection, and risk management processes.


Accumulate ~ More Conservative

Goal: Build
Outcome: Growth

Stocks are the preferred way to accumulate wealth for investors with a 7-10 year investment horizon in our view. With a benchmark allocation of 80% stocks and 20% bonds, Global Allocation is a slightly more conservative way to accumulate wealth. That said, it gives Riverfront some flexibility to increase and decrease weightings based on our strategic and tactical views.