Products Overview

RiverFront Solutions

RiverFront builds outcome-based solutions through comprehensive, competitive, and clear portfolios targeted to investment time horizons and goals.

We offer comprehensive institutional quality account solutions for investors with key features including:

  • Inclusive Universe: In addition to US/International equities and traditional fixed income, our portfolios can also include non-traditional asset classes like high yield bonds, Master Limited Partnerships, commodities, floating-rate securities, and currency hedging.
  • A dynamic asset allocation process that melds a strategic view of value with a tactical opinion of fundamentals and investor psychology. We believe this flexible mandate is more responsive than traditional 'set it and forget it' strategies and allows our solutions to perform in multiple investment environments.
  • Security selection utilizing qualitative and quantitative tools to extend beyond broad market indexes.
  • Active risk management customized to the model's time horizon.

RiverFront’s solutions can be implemented through Separately Managed Accounts (SMA), Unified Managed Accounts (UMA), mutual funds, or stand-alone Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). We believe sticking with an investment plan can be one of the most important objectives for long-term investment success but can be difficult when everyday noise temporarily obscures long-term objectives. We provide clarity and transparency through our weekly updates which can help keep investors informed about the markets and their investment selections.


Advantage/ETF Advantage Model Portfolios

RiverFront's distinctive global investment strategies include our Advantage and ETF Advantage Model Portfolio products. These are asset allocation portfolios designed to meet a broad range of investor needs, return objectives, and risk tolerance levels. They are built with a combination of stocks, bonds, and/or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

RiverShares Model Portfolios

RiverShares are model portfolios that are comprised solely of RiverFront sub-advised exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and managed using our Price Matters® strategic allocation, tactical overlay and risk management processes. These models are constructed based on investor time horizons and risk tolerances.

Mutual Funds

RiverFront has partnered with ALPS Advisors, Inc., to offer the RiverFront Global Allocation Series of mutual funds. The prospectus, performance, marketing materials, and other details about the mutual funds, may be found at

Sub-Advised ETFs

RiverFront sub-advises actively managed fixed income and equity ETFs through partnerships with ALPS and First Trust. The ETFs provide investors access to RiverFront's security selection within an individual asset class and are designed to remain fully invested. The ETFs can be used as stand-alone products or in combination with other RiverFront ETFs or with ETFs from third-party providers.

RiverFront Partner Products

RiverFront offers SMA and UMA portfolios managed in partnership with talented outside managers that can be used as stand-alone exposures or as complements to our Advantage portfolios. These portfolios may be targeted to a specific asset characteristic, like International, or to a specific theme, like Washington D.C. Policy. While each partner may have different investment philosophies and processes, each share RiverFront’s commitment to the financial advisor.

Tax Efficient Investing

RiverFront’s diversified solutions and 55ip’s tax-smart investment strategy engine can help improve financial advisor efficiency and effectiveness. The solution enables Financial Advisors to transition client portfolios in a tax-aware manner and provide ongoing, automated tax management on the portfolio.

To learn more about our products and services please contact your financial advisor.