Outcome Based Solutions

Outcome Based Solutions

Beating a benchmark can be an important goal, however we believe benchmarks are not always true reflections of an investor's objective. Instead, investors may describe their investment goals in the context of 'outcomes', like 'funding retirement' or 'providing a steady income'. To meet this need, RiverFront constructs and manages Outcome Based Solutions that fall into three categories:

  1. Accumulate (Growth)
  2. Sustain (Balance Growth & Capital Preservation)
  3. Distribute (Generate Income & Sufficient Growth for Systematic Withdrawals)

Investment Solutions

Products to Support the Life Phases of Investors

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For each outcome category (accumulate, sustain and distribute) RiverFront’s portfolio management team has assigned one or more RiverFront product(s) based on their assessment of the product’s investment objective as it relates to a typical client’s return and risk objectives when seeking investment outcomes of accumulating wealth, sustaining wealth and distributing wealth. The team has also designated RiverFront product alternatives for those clients looking to take more or less risk with the outcome category. The ‘more aggressive’ (or more risk) alternatives will generally have greater equity and international exposure as well as longer time horizon targets, while those designated as ‘more conservative’ (or less risk) will have fewer equities, a lower exposure to international and shorter time horizon targets. Since the risk assessments are dependent on the outcome category selected, RiverFront products may fall in multiple categories. All investments carry a risk of loss and there is no guarantee that an investment product or strategy will meet its stated objectives.