Investing is a team sport that requires more than just the right ‘players’ being present on the field. The most successful investment teams have long histories of working together and enjoy a level of familiarity that allows them to harness each player’s strengths and compensate for one another’s weaknesses. Essentially…Great investment teams ‘stand on each other’s shoulders’ as opposed to ‘standing on each other’s toes.’ At RiverFront, we recognize the importance of the ‘team’ and have tried to instill the ‘team’ concept throughout our organizational structure and the processes that drive our investment performance. It starts with the fact that RiverFront is majority owned by its employees and every investment professional is an ‘owner’ of the company. The team concept continues in our work environment where there are no offices, and analysts and portfolio managers from multiple investment disciplines freely interact with one another throughout the day. Finally, our team philosophy culminates in your portfolio where multiple areas of expertise and experience all converge to create the blend of securities that best suits the client’s needs for risk adjusted returns.

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