Claire Allen

Sales Associate

Global Strategy, Sales

Claire is responsible for providing support to the Regional Sales Consultants and Directors as well as our Financial Advisor partners. She decided to join RiverFront because it’s a company that shares the same values she stands for. Previously, she worked as an Equity Sales Assistant and Cross-Asset Solutions Sales Associate at Exane BNP Paribas in Paris, France. She likes reading about what happens in the markets as every day is a new challenge with new things to learn about and to talk about.

Claire initially studied Law at Sophia Antipolis University in Nice, France before transferring to Ipag Business School (in Nice and Paris France) from which she graduated with a master’s degree in Finance and Markets. During her 3rd year of college, she had the opportunity participate in student exchange programs at Inholland in Amsterdam and at Escuela Bancaria y Comercial (also known as The Business School of Mexico) in Mexico City.

She is an adventurer, always up to new challenge, and likes to go out of her comfort zone. Claire was part of a go cart association at her school and participated in a 24-hour race with her team. She enjoys horseback riding, more specifically playing horseball and jumping. Claire also loves to travel, getting to know the locals, learn about the culture, and learn new languages. She has traveled across Europe, Middle-East, North Africa, and North America. She particularly loves Mexico because that is where she met her husband.

“RiverFront cares, not only about their clients, but also about the wellbeing of their employees. RiverFront makes everyone feel important to the company; we are a part of it, and we can feel that we are.”