Tax Efficient Investing:
RiverFront & 55ip

A Smarter Transition to RiverFront Solutions

Help optimize outcomes with diversified, professionally managed solutions & automated tax-smart technology.

RiverFront is dedicated to delivering on our unwavering commitment to Financial Advisors and clients through continuous innovation. The wealth management industry is moving forward, finding better ways, at lower cost, to help more people. However, certain barriers – especially taxes – get in the way, making it harder for people to achieve their goals. Together, RiverFront’s diversified solutions and 55ip’s tax-smart investment strategy engine can help improve financial advisor efficiency and effectiveness. The solution enables Financial Advisors to transition client portfolios in a tax-aware manner and provide ongoing, automated tax management in the portfolio.

RiverFront Solutions: ETF Advantage

Outcome Based Solutions Built Around Investment Time Horizons & Risk Tolerance

Currently, RiverFront ETF Advantage Model Portfolios will be available for tax-efficient investing to Registered Investment Advisors who custody at participating custodians, including Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and Raymond James. In addition, the solution will be made available to additional wealth management channels, including broker-dealers.

Moderate Growth & Income / MGI
Investment Objective

Seeks to provide attractive current income and potential for that income to grow over time.

Implementation: Advantage

Stocks & ETFs

Implementation: ETF Advantage

ETFs Only


40% S&P 500 Index TR
50% Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index TR

Time Horizon

5 - 7 Years

Dynamic Equity Income / DEI
Investment Objective

Seeks to balance current income with the desire for income to grow over time with an emphasis on equities.

Implementation: Advantage

Bonds, Stocks & ETFs

Implementation: ETF Advantage

ETFs Only


70% MSCI All Country World Index NR
30% Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index TR

Time Horizon

7 - 10 Years

55ip Solutions: Automated Tax Technology

Custom & Dynamic

Leverage 55ip’s Active Tax Technology®:

  • Tax-smart transitions designed to enable you to transition prospects into your book of business, while also rebalancing their portfolios (e.g., concentrated positions), breaking down a key barrier to model adoption: Taxes.
  • Tax-smart management puts automated, ongoing tax-loss harvesting to work for your clients to seek better after-tax outcomes and save you time.
  • Tax-Smart withdrawals meet your clients’ liquidity needs while keeping their investment strategies on-track.
  • Streamline account management with automated trading & re-balancing
  • Showcase your value with instant access to customized, easy-to-understand proposals and tax benefit reporting.

Tax Efficient Investing May Make Sense for Your Client

  • Concentration issues from holding large single-stock positions
  • Portfolios no longer in line with client risk tolerance
  • Portfolios with large unrealized gains
  • Cash to invest tax efficiently
  • The desire to change to a RiverFront solution that better aligns with their goals while aiming to minimize or defer tax consequences
  • Desire for more diversification
  • Worries about higher taxes or are in a high tax bracket
  • Multiple accounts to combine
  • Money to withdraw from tax-deferred accounts

All investments in securities, including these types of solutions described above, include a risk of loss of principal (invested amount) and any profits that have not been realized. Performance of any investment is not guaranteed and there is no guarantee the tax loss harvesting strategy will generate the desired tax savings or that investments made will generate gains or losses as anticipated. RiverFront does not offer tax, legal or accounting advice.

About 55ip

55 Institutional Partners, LLC ("55ip") is a financial technology company whose purpose is to break down barriers to financial progress. Financial advisors use 55ip’s tax-smart investment strategy engine in an effort to dramatically improve their efficiency and effectiveness. At the heart of the experience is 55ip’s ActiveTax Technology®, which includes tax-smart transitions, management, and withdrawals.

Riverfront has entered into an agreement with 55ip whereby certain RiverFront models will be offered on a non-discretionary basis through 55ip. 55ip is a registered investment advisor that offers access to the third-party strategies in addition to other services. RiverFront provides investment ideas in the form of model portfolios, to 55ip for use in the software offered by 55ip. Please see below for important disclosures.