RiverFront Announces Largest Corporate Donation in Richmond Community ToolBank History


RiverFront Investment Group is pleased to announce the Richmond Community ToolBank as their 2020 Charitable Giving Partner. In a check presentation ceremony on January 22nd, RiverFront presented the Richmond Community ToolBank with $25,000 and a commitment to volunteerism throughout 2020.

“The Richmond ToolBank is a young and lean nonprofit that has empowered nearly 300 nonprofits and 80,000 volunteers with the tools & equipment that they need to complete about 5,000 transformational projects around the Richmond region in just the last few years,” said Toby Vernon, ToolBank Executive Director. “But the fact is, the only way we're able to equip the entire nonprofit and volunteer sector here is through the generosity of partners like RiverFront Investment Group. Through this partnership, RiverFront has chosen to invest in our mission with hundreds of hours of direct volunteer service and an extremely generous $25,000 financial contribution that will help advance our growth and outreach goals by leaps in 2020. We're so humbled and privileged to have the opportunity to work side-by-side with the entire RiverFront team to make Richmond safer, healthier, more beautiful and equitable for everyone.”

The donation is the largest corporate donation in the ToolBank’s history. Since 2012, RiverFront has selected an annual Charitable Giving Partner. The selection process includes nominations from RiverFront associates, submissions from Richmond non-profits on how the support would be utilized, and a firm-wide vote. In addition to the monetary donation, RiverFront commits associate volunteer support for one year. While RiverFront selects a new partner each year, the organization stays involved with past charitable partners through on-going volunteer support. The Charitable Giving Partner program is part of RiverFront’s larger commitment to respect, support and serve its community which included over $94,000 in donations to 26 area non-profits and over 1200 volunteer hours in 2019.

“Giving back at RiverFront is more than just a monetary donation. We love being able to volunteer and really get involved with our partners,” says Jacqueline Carrico, RiverFront’s Charitable Giving Committee Chair. “One thing that really appealed to our associates is that through the mission of the ToolBank, we are able to extend our service to the greater Richmond non-profit community. At our core we love giving back and making our community a better place. We are excited to launch this new partnership to serve and support the ToolBank.”

About Richmond Community ToolBank: The Richmond Community ToolBank's Mission is to serve community-based organizations by providing tools, equipment & expertise to empower their most ambitious goals. We provide the literal tools that over 200 nonprofit groups and 10,000 volunteers use every year to make Richmond and surrounding counties healthier, safer and more vibrant for everyone. Our innovative tool lending program provides verified charitable groups a free membership and lends them tools for just 3 cents on the dollar for a week. For more information on how your charitable group can connect with ToolBank tools and membership, visit richmondtoolbank.org.

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