ENGAGE 2022 Women's Conference

Bringing together women in finance for education, support, and mentorship.

About Engage

Statistics show that we have chosen a career in an industry that has generally been challenging for women – challenges to get ahead, enjoy longevity, and experience a sense of comradery from which men benefit and thrive.  In 2019, the women of RiverFront came together with the goal of changing that dynamic by launching our Engage initiative.  RiverFront Engage supports an associate mentor program and book club, hosts externships, and provides regular educational programming.

RiverFront’s Engage initiative also recognizes the importance of instilling confidence in women as investors. Our goal is to work with advisors to provide meaningful communication strategies to ensure we are reaching women investors. We work with advisor teams across the country to highlight how women’s natural strengths provide advantages in investing and work to instill confidence in their female clients.

Through RiverFront’s Engage, we are charged with uplifting one another, listening, mentoring, and engaging in such a way that we are paying it forward. ENGAGE 2022 is our first national event to carry forward this mission.