Cole Elliott

Regional Director, South Central (AR, KS, LA, MO, OK) | Regional Sales Consultant


Cole Elliott serves as the Regional Director for the South Central region in addition to serving as a Regional Sales Consultant for the Mid-America and Northeast regions. He also serves on the REACH Committee--RiverFront's charitable giving group.

After graduating from college in 2018, Cole first joined RiverFront as a Sales Associate providing support to the Regional Sales Consultants and Regional Directors in all sales regions.

Cole graduated from the Virginia Military Institute with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Outside of the office, Cole enjoys pursuing an active lifestyle in a variety of ways: Running, playing Squash and Tennis, or playing Golf. Cole also enjoys reading and keeping up with college and professional sports.

“I enjoy engaging in volunteer efforts afforded to me through RiverFront’s partnership with our charitable partners—namely St. James’s Children’s Center, the Richmond Community Tool Bank, and the Richmond Christmas Mother. In addition, I have spent time volunteering with St. Christopher’s School and the River City Community Squash program.”

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