Proxy Voting

RiverFront Investment Group, LLC (RiverFront) is an investment advisor providing discretionary equity and fixed-income portfolio management services to corporations, retirement plans, endowment funds and foundations, individuals with substantial net worth, and financial institutions such as trust companies and bank trust departments (collectively, "Clients"). Unless a Client specifically directs otherwise in writing, the investment management agreements generally authorize RiverFront to vote proxies on behalf of Clients pursuant to RiverFront's fiduciary obligations. RiverFront will vote proxies in the interest of maximizing value for RiverFront's clients. RiverFront understands that proxies are an asset of a client, which should be treated with the same care, diligence, and loyalty as any asset belonging to a client. To that end, RiverFront will vote or withhold a decision to vote in a way that we believe will cause the value of the issue to increase the most or decline the least. In light of our fiduciary duties, and given the complexity of the issues that may be raised in connection with proxy votes, RiverFront has retained Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. ("Broadridge") to assist us voting client proxies. Broadridge specializes in providing a variety of fiduciary-level proxy-related services to investment managers. RiverFront's full proxy voting policy is available upon request. A Client may obtain a record of RiverFront's proxy voting for such client or a copy of RiverFront's full proxy voting policy by contacting us at