International Opportunities / IO

Investment Objective

Long term growth of capital in non-US equity markets.

Implementation: Advantage

Stocks & ETFs


100% MSCI All Country World Index ex US NR

Time Horizon

10+ Years

Equity Solution

Portfolio Overview

International Opportunities seeks to provide long term growth of capital in non-US equity markets. This portfolio is designed to serve as the broad international equity component within a client's asset allocation mix. The portfolio aims to outpace the MSCI All Country World Index ex US NR, and will invest in a diversified portfolio of securities across the globe, including stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). In an attempt to outperform its benchmark, the portfolio managers will employ a combination of both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The general strategies employed typically include, but are not limited to country, currency, region, sector and/or thematic rotation.


Accumulate ~ More Aggressive

Goal: Build
Outcome: Growth

International Opportunities has the mandate to invest in all markets outside the US. The portfolio will be fully invested most of the time and can be combined with US stocks to build a global portfolio for investors with a 10-year plus investment horizon.