RiverFront is guided by a philosophy that embraces the dynamic nature of the complex global markets through which it navigates daily. This means we are in a constant state of action - moving fluidly and rapidly, seizing opportunities without losing sight of the long-term strategy.

Our discipline drives the process; making tactical and strategic adjustments to our portfolios based on a powerful practice we call the Art and Science of Dynamic Investing. Simply put, it’s what happens when our numbers, models and data converge with our skill, experience and logic.

As we make changes and adjustments to our asset allocations, we openly share the details and rationale of each with our financial advisors. This unusual transparency is what allows RiverFront to build strong relationships with our advisors and in turn, they with their clients.

  • Our Science Suggests It—Price Matters ®

    Our mathematical models show that where investments are priced relative to long-term trends in their categories significantly affects returns. We've trademarked that science.

  • The Art of Our Judgment and Experience

    Some things about markets and investments can never be fully quantified. Numbers always play an important role, but realistic decisions aren't made on those alone.

  • Adapting To Change Helps Us Manage Risk

    Risk management is the overlay that makes our Art and Science approach that much more effective. We're disciplined about our "scenario" approach to managing risk.

The information above applies to RiverFront Investment Group Asset Allocation Portfolios only.

RiverFront is owned primarily by its employees through RiverFront Investment Holding Group, LLC, the holding company for RiverFront. Baird Financial Corporation (BFC) is also a minority owner of RiverFront Investment Holding Group, LLC and therefore an indirect owner of RiverFront. BFC is the parent company of Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated (“Baird”), a registered broker/dealer and investment adviser.

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  • RiverFront’s Price Matters® discipline compares inflation-adjusted current prices relative to their long-term trend to help identify extremes in valuation. 
  • Mean reversion is the tendency of a variable, such as a stock price, to converge on an average value over time.